TWIN MIRROR out today!

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Early December is busy release times around here, the first video game I’ve ever composed music for came out today! It’s called TWIN MIRROR and is from the French company DONTNOD, famous for their widely acclaimed game LIFE IS STRANGE. This was all very new to me in every way since not only have I not ever worked on video games, I’ve barely played them since I was a kid…the last RPG I played was Legend of Zelda on 8 bit Nintendo so things have advanced just a little bit in the medium since then. I’m really proud of the music I got to make for it (more on that‘s impeding release soon) and feel like it holds up against any of my television and film music. Who knows, maybe there will be more where this came from…here’s an article with the game’s director talking about my music:


And a trailer for the game with my music:


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Long time no blog over here, not a whole lot to report in 2020 I guess, not much going on in the world…yuk yuk yuk. BUT I finally have a good reason to, I spent most of this last summer and fall working on an incredible docuseries with the amazing filmmaker Clay Tweel and it’s finally premiering on HBO Max on December 3! Can’t wait for everyone to see it, I’m really proud of the work I did for it and think people are gonna flip about this series. Enjoy the trailer below:



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Urgh, in further proof that being webmaster isn’t my greatest strong suit, I neglected to post about the premiere of the second season of Kidding on February 9 on Showtime! They’re premeiring a couple of episodes each Sunday night so it’s gonna fly on by, check it out! Indiewire gave an extremely glowing review to the entire season, link below…

kidding season 2


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Happy to report that The Report is now available to watch everywhere on Amazon Prime. So happy that the world can finally see this important film I had the good fortune to work on…


THE REPORT out today

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Happy to report that the day is finally here and The Report is out! So excited, it was just over a year ago that I started working on it and here we finally are. The OST is out today as well on Lakeshore Records, a link is in the previous post. Hope everyone gets to see this, whether it’s in the theater or on Amazon Prime in two weeks!

Gold Derby Composers Panel

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I’m extremely humbled and excited to be sharing the stage with some of the best composers in the world tomorrow night at The Landmark for a Gold Derby Composers Panel. Michael Abels (!), Nicholas Britell (!), Alan Silvestri (!) and I will be going on at 7 doing a Q&A moderated by Chris Beachum, you can RSVP at the link below…looking forward!!


Under The Radar interview

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Much thanks to Charles Steinberg at Under The Radar for this great long-form article and interview. It was a real pleasure to speak to him, he was a legitimate fan of David Green and Jeff Nichols’ films going back to the beginning and it really shows. Thanks Charles and enjoy everybody!


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I’m always about two weeks behind here it seems…I guess that’s how it’s gonna be as long I’m my own webmaster, time to accept the facts. Anyway, the Emmys were a blast and my thanks so much again the Television Academy for recognizing my work! Was really great to meet so many of my fellow composers whom I’ve never had a chance to be around at both the awards ceremony as well as some of the events leading up to it. I feel like I won the lottery getting to work on Barry as my first series, it’s really just crazy. And congrats to my boss-man Bill Hader on his second straight win! IMG_4663IMG_4641(1)IMG_4653(1)IMG_4655

The Report at TIFF

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Been a whirlwind around here with Emmys stuff and TIFF, maybe it’s time I hire a webmaster like a real pro, haha. Went for a quick trip to Toronto last weekend for The Report screening and it was once again so well received…I’m so proud to be a part of such an important and timely film. I got to spend a little time with Daniel Jones who Adam Driver portrays in the film (he’s on the far right in the picture below), he’s been very active with the film and is a pretty incredible guy. I wish I had gotten to do and see more at the festival but I was in and out.

Have also had a great time getting to meet my fellow nominees as well as many other amazing composers the last week at the Television Academy music reception and the Society of Composers and Lyricists Emmys reception, it’s certainly been the best part of being nominated. We all work alone in our studios and have such rare opportunities to all be together, it’s been a real treat.

Now on to the Emmys tomorrow and then life gets back to something resembling normal!


THE REPORT trailer/TIFF screenings

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So excited to share the first trailer for THE REPORT, check it:

It’s gonna be screening at TIFF with a premiere on 9/8 at 1:45 PM, come say hi!


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“What?!” INDEED!!! Well this was completely unexpected…thanks to all the amazing people responsible for making this show so great for letting me make music for it and making craziness like this possible!! I’m so happy for all of the cast and crew that got nominated, it’s truly such an honor to get to work on such an incredible project with all these deserving artists.


Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.59.46 PM


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Happy to let everyone know that WRESTLE is now available on all streaming platforms. So happy that the world at large can watch this beautiful film now, I really do highly recommend it.

Barry Season 2 premieres 3/31

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Happy to report that WRESTLE is now out in NYC and LA via the great Oscilloscope Laboratories with more to come soon, so happy that it’s making its way out into the world now!

BMI Roundtable Discussion at Sundance

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On January 27 I’m happy to be participating in a roundtable discussion on Music & Film at Sundance with Scott Z. Burns, the director of THE REPORT. There’s a good grip of bad-ass composers who I feel fortunate to have the chance to share the stage with, including my pals Heather McIntosh and Will Bates, thanks so much to Doreen Ringer Ross at BMI for inviting us to do it and I’m really looking forward!



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Very happy to “report” (ZING!) that Scott Z. Burns’ THE REPORT, which I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to spend the last couple of months scoring, will be premiering at Sundance this year. Produced by Scott’s longtime collaborator Steven Soderbergh and starring Adam Driver, Annette Benning, and Jon Hamm, it centers on the almost decade-long investigation into the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program after 9/11. I couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of a film as important and timely as this one and can’t wait for Sundance!


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Happy new year everyone, happy to announce that the film STATE LIKE SLEEP that I scored with the illustrious Jeff McIlwain (L’usine) is out now in theaters in NYC and LA (with more to come in the coming weeks) and iTunes. It’s been a long road on this one and am happy that it’s finally out there, link below…


Kidding premieres on Showtime September 9

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I am happy to report that I have been holed up all summer working on the score for this incredible new Showtime show from Dave Holstein! It’s the first thing Jim Carrey and Michel Gondry have made together since Eternal Sunshine! I am still getting my head around the fact that sweet old Fortuna has granted me the the ridiculous opportunity to work with Michel Gondry. Get outta here. How the hell. Anyway, we’re still right in the middle of it all but it’s premiering next Sunday September 9…I’m having such a great time working on it and can’t wait for the world to see and hear it. Trailer is below:



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I’m happy to announce the premieres of two films I recently scored with a couple of old friends this April at two of my favorite film festivals.

The first is a documentary called WRESTLE that I just completed work on with one of my oldest friends, Graham LeBron. Graham has played in a ton of great bands over the years including Rogue Wave, Album Leaf, Port O’Brien, and currently Fruit Bats, and makes his own music under the moniker Golden Gram. He is also incidentally the person who taught me how to play my first song on guitar (Social Distortion’s cover of RING OF FIRE if you must know) when I was a mere 14 years old! So to say a collaboration between the two of us is a long-time coming…that means, like, since the EIGHTIES long-time coming, and almost 30 years later I’d say we found a great vehicle to finally give it a go. It’s Lauren Belfer’s first feature documentary and is a sensitively-told and moving story revolving around the season of four high-school wrestlers and their coach in Hunstville, AL. It’s very timely and I really hope a lot of people get to see it, I’m proud to have been involved with it. It’s premiering at San Francisco Film Festival on April 6 and tickets are available for purchase at the link below:

And the second is STATE LIKE SLEEP, premiering at Tribeca on April 21. It’s Meredith Danluck’s first feature film and I worked on it with my longtime collaborator, Jeff McIlwain (who’s the man behind some of the best electronic music you’re ever gonna hear as Lusine)…this is our fourth score we’ve collaborated on, our previous 3 being for David Gordon Green. It’s a super atmospheric, Euro-noir type film with great performances from Michael Shannon and Katherine Waterson and I’m really proud of the music we made for it and am super excited for the world to see and hear it. Meredith was so great to work with and was always open to anything and everything we did and I can’t wait to see what she does next.



BARRY Premieres on HBO on 3/25

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Very happy to announce the premiere date of the new Bill Hader tv show I was fortunate enough to provide music for on 3/25 at 10:30 on HBO. This was my first TV series I got the chance to work on and it’s a doozy, I definitely feel lucky to to have gotten to work on such an amazing project with such a great team and a great cast. The trailer is below, looking forward to everybody seeing this one…


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I’m a little delinquent in posting this but I had the extremely good fortune and pleasure of getting to make music for the new Amazon pilot, SEA OAK. It’s written and produced by my favorite author in the world George Saunders and was a true dream job for me. Not only that but it was also directed by the incredible Hiro Murai (ATLANTA) and stars Glenn Close, I couldn’t feel more lucky to have had the opportunity to work on it and am really excited that people are finally getting to see it. Link to watch is below, check it out and help us get a full series out of it!



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I’m very happy to announce the release of the movie Brigsby Bear that I scored today in theaters in NYC and LA (it’ll be opening more widely in the coming weeks). I’m super proud and humble to have gotten to work on a movie I love as much as this one and can’t wait for people to see it.

And Lakeshore has released the soundtrack today as well, it’s available to buy or listen to on all the sites that do such things…


Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

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I was very happy to contribute the track Proposal from my Loving score for this great Budweiser Super Bowl ad. It’s ended up having more views online than any other Super Bowl spot, really happy to have been a part of it.


LOVING soundtrack out today

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The Loving soundtrack is out today folks. Thanks so much to Charlie Kramsky, Satoshi Mark Noguchi, Jay Weigel, Alexis Buffum, Paul Wesley Reikert, and everyone else who contributed their immense talents to make it happen. The movie also opened in a ton of other cities today. If you’re needing a dose of kindness and decency to counteract the hole you’re feeling in your gut then I highly recommend seeing it this weekend. And see Moonlight while you’re at it.



Morricone Island on WFMU tonight

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I’m very psyched to be on Morricone Island again tonight on my favorite radio station in the universe, WFMU. He’ll be talking to me and playing some of my film music from 7:00-8:00, check it!



GQ Interview

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Because my self-promotion game is strong, here is an interview I did with GQ about Midnight Special from over four months ago. Better late than never? I think? There’s probably a statute of limitations on that concept to where at a certain point it’s late enough that never would have been the preferred option. Hopefully I haven’t crossed that threshold here. Also, I am referred to as a wizard in the URL. Enjoy!


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Wow, a real honor to be listed in this article for Best Score for Midnight Special. Thank you Kristopher Tarpley and Jenelle Riley!

David Wingo’s collaborations with director Jeff Nichols have gone sorely underpraised over the years. What he worked up for “Midnight Special” was another subtle mixture, but one that nailed the requisite atmosphere. It was also a nice ode to the lo-fi genre films that served as an inspiration for the film, the kind of soundtrack you might expect to hear pulsing at a drive-in theater.

LOVING at Cannes

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I’m happy to report that Jeff Nichols’ new film LOVING that we just finished mixing the score for is playing in competition at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 16! This is Jeff’s third movie that I’ve worked on to play there, along with TAKE SHELTER and MUD and we all couldn’t be more excited for it to premiere there.

I was really excited to be able to record the score here in Austin at 12th Street Sound this time around with a 14-piece string ensemble comprised of local musicians. Thanks to Alexis Buffum for organizing the group, to Jay Weigel for once again conducting and orchestrating, to Charlie Kramsky for engineering, to Paul Riekert at 12th Street Sound and to all of the players, I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. Some pics below from the scoring session…

IMG_2567 IMG_2572 IMG_2573


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I’m happy to share the news that my soundtrack for Our Brand Is Crisis is out today on WaterTower Music. Much gratitude to them and everybody else who worked so hard with me on this one. Excited for everybody to hear it and to see the movie when it comes out next week!



Manglehorn OST available for pre-order on LP and CD

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My soundtrack for David Gordon Green’s fantastic MANGLEHORN that I had the good fortune to once again collaborate on with Explosions In The Sky is coming out on vinyl and CD later this year, you can pre-order it here:

MH Cover

Our Brand Is Crisis soundtrack out 10/23

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I am very happy to report that WaterTower Music is releasing the soundtrack for OUR BRAND IS CRISIS on 10/23, a week before the film’s release date of 10/30. You can pre-order it from Amazon now. I’m very happy to be working with them for the first time and for everyone to hear the music so many people worked so hard with me on. We recorded the score at the beautiful Esplanade Studios in late-June with Jay Weigel orchestrating and conducting and Misha Kachkachishvili engineering. We were lucky to have our music editor Jay Richardson down there with us and our score mixer Satoshi Mark Noguchi was actually in town mixing concurrently since we were backing right up to the final dub of the film. It was an intense few days as we were all working around the clock and I have eternal gratitude to everyone involved, I’m so happy with the final results and I hope they all are too. Casey Contreary took some great pics those days and I’ve included a few of them below.


MANGLEHORN in theaters and iTunes/OST with Explosions In The Sky out today

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Back from the internet void again to let everyone know that David Gordon Green’s newest film Manglehorn that I co-scored with Explosions In The Sky again came out in NYC and LA on Friday and is on iTunes as well. It’s coming out in several more cities this weekend and next so keep an eye out, this one’s definitely one of my two or three favorites of David’s movies and I can’t wait for the world to see it. And the soundtrack came out today digitally and will be out later in the summer on vinyl, check it out below:






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NYC friends, I hope some of you get the chance to see the doc REMOTE AREA MEDICAL that I scored while its playing the IFC Center this week (11/28-12/4). I was working on this what feels like a lifetime ago (or two years to be exact) and am really happy to see it finally making its way out into the world. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more eye-opening and human doc this year…I included a couple of thoughtful reviews below.

THE GREAT INVISIBLE out now/Cinema Eye Nomination

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I am completely honored to have had my score for Margaret Brown’s THE GREAT INVISIBLE nominated by Cinema Eye for Outstanding Achievement In Original Music Score for 2014! Especially considering the esteemed company I am in, including two long-time musical idols of mine in Warren Ellis and Nick Cave for their beautiful score for my favorite film of the year so far, 20,000 Days On This Earth. Quite the honor, thanks so much to the voters. You can look at these as well as the rest of their nominations here:

And speaking of The Great Invisible, I am delinquent in putting out the word here that it is now out in theaters in select cities and will be hitting more over the next several weeks. So happy that people are finally able to see what I think is one of the more important and crucial documentaries of the last several years. You can see below if you live in a city or it is or will be playing.

TAKE SHELTER – Vinyl Release

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Back from the internet void again to tell everybody the exciting news that Milan Records has reissued the Take Shelter soundtrack in a limited edition of 500 on vinyl! Acclaimed illustrator Jay Shaw did the lovely artwork and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Here’s a link to Milan’s online shop to order:


Alex Of Venice at Tribeca Film Festival

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Friends in NYC, Chris Messina’s debut feature Alex Of Venice that I composed the music for is premiering tonight at Tribeca Film Festival. It’s got a couple of other screenings too, I’m not able to be there unfortunately but hopefully some of y’all get a chance to check it out!

JOE release/soundtrack

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JOE is hitting the theaters in over 20 cities today, if you’re in one of them hopefully you can go check it out this weekend!

And the soundtrack that I collaborated on with Jeff McIlwain is now available on iTunes as well, it also includes original songs by Ryan Bingham and my sometime employers Explosions In The Sky…

The Great Invisible – SXSW Grand Jury Prize

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I’m very happy to report that The Great Invisible won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Features at SXSW! Everyone involved on this film put so much time, effort, and heart into it and it’s very gratifying to see that it resonated so much with people, I’m very proud to have been a part of such an important and eye-opening film. Here’s a link to a great Variety review that also has a nice mention of the music:

SXSW screenings/Meet The Insiders session

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Long time no tending to social media/website. Been working away, lots of movies coming out this year that I had the good fortune to be a part of, two of which will be playing SXSW Film Festival this year. Both are premiering this coming Sunday, Margaret Brown’s documentary THE GREAT INVISIBLE will have its World Premiere at The State Theater at 4:15 and David Gordon Green’s JOE (which I collaborated on with Jeff McIlwain) will have its US Premiere at The Paramount at 2:45 that day. I couldn’t be any more proud to be a part of these two films and can’t wait for people to see them. Here is their respective pages with more info and other screening times:

I am also excited to be doing a Meet The Insiders session alongside fellow Austin composer Graham Reynolds that will be hosted by Austin filmmaker Kat Candler (whose film HELLION will be playing SXSW, can’t wait to finally see it). Come say hi and listen to me try and sound like I know what I’m talking about!

Prince Avalanche mural in Brooklyn

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This mural for the Prince Avalanche soundtrack went up the other day on the wall outside The Turkey’s Nest in Greenpoint, pretty awesome!  Check out the time-lapse video that captures the painting of it below…thanks to Jeremy at Temporary Residence and of course Esteban Rey for his lovely art.


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Prince Avalanche opens today friends! If you are in one of the 16 cities it’s opening in please go see it this weekend, I could honestly not recommend it highly enough. Here’s the theaters:

New York: IFC Center 5, Lincoln Plaza
Los Angeles: Nuart Theatre
San Francisco: Opera Plaza Cinemas 4
Washington, DC: West End
Minneapolis, MN: Lagoon Cinema
New Orleans, LA: Prytania Theatre
Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinemas 10
San Diego, CA: Hillcrest Cinemas
Santa Ana, CA: South Coast Village 3
Philadelphia, PA: Ritz at the Bourse
Portland, OR: Living Room 6
Royal Oak, MI: Main Art Theatre
Tempe, AZ: Valley Art 1 Theatre



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I’m happy to let everybody know that the Prince Avalanche OST that I did with Explosions In The Sky came out today on Temporary Residence. Really excited for everybody to hear it and to see the movie, you can order it here.


Pitchfork premieres track from Prince Avalanche OST

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Pitchfork has premiered a new track from mine and EITS’ score for Prince Avalanche…it’s called Join Me On My Avalanche, check it out here.

Prince Avalanche Soundtrack

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I’m excited to let everybody know that you can now pre-order the Prince Avalanche Soundtrack that I collaborated on with Explosions In The Sky. Temporary Residence is putting it out, here’s a link to order.

And here’s a short video for one of the tracks that Steve Pedulla and Jeremy Devine put together:


Ola Podrida West Coast Tour

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Very psyched to tell everybody that Ola Podrida just kicked off its first west coast tour ever in support of Ghosts Go Blind along with our pals The Radar Brothers. Kicking things off tonight in LA at The Satellite, the rest of the tour dates and ticket links are linked to below, come say hello!


Prince Avalanche Soundtrack w/ Explosions In The Sky

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Last summer I got together with my friends in Explosions In The Sky and spent a few weeks making some music for David Green’s new movie Prince Avalanche. I could not be more proud to have been a part of this and am excited to let everybody know that Temporary Residence is releasing the soundtrack on August 9. Excited for everyone to see the movie and to hear our music.

prince avalanche soundtrack


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Ok, it’s time to face that I completely suck at blogging. A lot has happened in the last month (MUD came out, MUD got crazy-good reviews…Ola Podrida’s new album Ghosts Go Blind came out, also got some stupendous reviews, we’ve been on tour for a week, etc etc) and nary a word here. I’m gonna take some blog classes at ACC when I get back, we’ll see what we can do about this blind-spot I’ve got. Anyway, all that aside I am now informing you that I’ll be appearing on East Village Radio’s Morricone Youth show tomorrow at 2:00. They’ll be playing a bunch of music from my scores as well as Ola Podrida and interviewing me, should be a good time.

And yes, Ola Podrida is currently on tour. Check out the dates here, if you’re in NYC, DC, Chapel Hill, Atlanta or New Orleans then you my friend have some Ola Podrida shows going on near you in the next 6 days.



MUD Soundtrack – 4/23 on Lakeshore Records

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I have obviously been neglecting this here blog but today it stops! Happy to announce that the MUD Soundtrack will be coming out on Lakeshore Records on 4/23. I’m really proud to have my music included alongside songs by Dirty Three, Lucero and Ben Nichols, and Jeff McIlwain. This will be just 3 days before the release of the movie on the 26th, can’t wait for everyone to see it!


Mud trailer and release date

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The trailer for MUD is now up, check it!

Happy to report that Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions will be releasing it on April 26, can’t wait for the world to see it.


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Man oh man, what a Sundance that was! Wish so bad I could have stayed longer and seen a lot more films but the little time I had was great and the premieres of both MUD and PRINCE AVALANCHE could not have gone better. So awesome to finally see both of them with audiences for the first time, such great energy in there. MUD already received all its love in the press when it premiered at Cannes back in May but below are some of the amazing reviews rolling in for PRINCE AVALANCHE…so glad to see the world is diggin it like I do!


Hollywood Reporter

MUD and PRINCE AVALANCHE at Sundance 2013

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Hello all, I am happy to report that both of the last two films I worked on have been selected to play at Sundance this coming January. Mud will be premiering 1/9 @ 8:30 at MARC and Prince Avalanche (which I collaborated on with the fine gentlemen in Explosions In The Sky) will be premiering the next day 1/20 @ 2:30 at The Library. Below are all the screening dates for both, can’t wait!

Prince Avalanche

Thank you WSA and Ghent International Film Festival

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Got back from Ghent yesterday, what a great great event. Met a ton of fantastic and talented people and I felt super fortunate and humbled to have been nominated alongside all my fellow nominees. Congrats to the winners and I can’t wait to go back again!


WSA Discovery Award

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David has recently had the honor of being nominated for the WSA Discovery of the Year Award for his score to Take Shelter. Past winners and nominees for this award include Gustavo Santaolalla, Michael Giacchino, Jon Brion, and Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. He will be attending the awards ceremony on the closing night of the Ghent International Film Festival so if you are attending the festival find him and say hello! From their website’s press release:

The five nominees for the Discovery of the Year Award, via which the World Soundtrack Academy rewards up-and-coming talent from the previous year, have been announced. The award will be granted during the World Soundtrack Awards & Concert on 20 October at the Kuipke Events Centre in Ghent.

Through the Discovery of the Year Award, the WSA aims to reward young, talented composers and encourage them to develop further.

The nominees are:

Brian Byrne – Albert Nobbs
David Wingo – Take Shelter
Fall On Your Sword – Lola Versus, Nobody Walks
Lucas Vidal – The Raven, The Cold Light Of Day, Mientras Duermes
Trevor Morris – Immortals